Client SDKs

This project publishes a Swagger 2.0 and OpenAPI 3 specification. Please see the Specification page for more information. Client SDKs are responsible for providing an abstraction layer for the API that performs the underlying HTTP requests. This involves handling API authentication, exposing request/response data types, and performing the HTTP requests. Unsuccessful API responses should be treated as errors and returned to the caller. Ideally, clients should be able to perform local JWT validation using a cached version of the JWK Set.

Official Client SDKs


The official Go client is in the client package of the GitHub project. Please see the examples/client directory to get started.

3rd Party Client SDKs

Currently, there are no 3rd party clients. If you've made a client for the magiclinksdev project with documentation and are willing to maintain it, please open a GitHub issue to announce it. After a brief review, it may be put in this documentation section with your permission.